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What does easy mean?

Easy means, that you are able to create your own online store and start selling your first product within 5 minutes.

No installation necessary

Access your store from any browser from anywhere you are. There is absolutely no installation required from your side.

We take care of the hosting

You manage your store, we take care of the technical stuff. You don't need any programming skills.

Intuitive user interface

We help you to setup your store with our simple and intuitive user interface.

You take care of your products and customers, we take care of the rest.

Our mission is to make e-commerce easy and to support you to successfully sell your product.

Successfully sell online.

We've put great emphasis on the needs of today's online shop dealer.

Covering all important online store processes.

From product creation to payment and order management. We covered all important processes.

Easy and time-saving.

The simple and intuitive user interface, saves you time when setting up your store.

Limitations? Not with us!

Don't worry about limitations. We have none. This means: Unlimited products, images and data traffic.

Friendly and fast customer support

Via live chat, helpcenter or email, we are always there for your questions.

Store-Designs, which incease your revenue.

Choose a store design from our great selection of store templates. With a single click your favorite design is installed or chagned.

Optimized for search engines (SEO)

Automatic insertion of and meta informationen tags

Optimized for mobile devices

Perfect on smartphone and tablet screens

Present yourself unique.

You have full control over HTML, JS and CSS of the store designs

The Buy Button

Offer your products on any website or blog for purchase in seconds

Sell your products —
not only within your store

Using the WUNDERY Buy Button you can easily place your products on any websites or blogs, without programming.
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